If you prefer not to have to walk too far, and you have some degree of mobility…


Multiple Days – Two of our nicest trips are trailer tours.  If you can climb into a low trailer we highly recommend the Orlando Wetlands Trailer Tour (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) followed by the Salt Lake Wildlife Management Area Trailer Tour (Wednesday & Thursday).

The trailer tours are special to the birding festival.


Wednesday – If you like plants (and we have no shortage of interesting habitats), the Plants and Parks of Central Brevard on Wednesday will be a good trip for minimal walking. That one and the Blue Dolphin boat journey are your only options for minimal walking on Wednesday.


Thursday – you have the Salt Lake WMA Trailer Tour, the Manatees of Blue Spring and the Blue Dolphin Boat Trip as options.  The Barrier Island Center and Pelican Island Boat Trip would be another great choice.  The Center is ADA accessible.  At Pelican Island NWR there is a 3/4-mile ADA accessible trail that includes the Centennial Pond, the NWR Boardwalk and an observation tower to scope the island before going to lunch at Captain Hirams and the boat cruise to the island.  It’s a 10 hour trip — it might be too long.


Thursday and Friday – The Manatees of Blue Spring and St Johns River cruise is a fantastic activity.  It’s wild and scenic Florida at its best topped off with crystal clear spring water filled with hundreds of manatees and a site filled with lots of history.  The 1/2 mile trail to the springhead is a paved trail or you can just hang out at the first viewing platforms and enjoy the manatees until the boat cruise starts.


Friday – you have again the Salt Lake WMA Trailer Tour, the Manatees of Blue Spring and the Blue Dolphin Boat Trip as options with the addition of Orlando Wetlands Park Trailer Tour.


Saturday – you have the Orlando Wetlands Park Trailer Tour, Blue Dolphin Boat Tour and the Drive at Blue Heron Wetlands.  If you are not bound to a power chair and you can climb in and out of a 14-passenger van, the Historic Sites of Canaveral National Seashore is a unique and interesting trip with a very special couple.  John Stiner was the Park Historian at Canaveral National Seashore for more than 20 years.  He is a fascinating storyteller with an incredible knowledge of the Park’s resources.


Sunday – you have the Drive at Blue Heron Heron Wetlands and Orlando Wetlands Park Trailer Tour and the Beach Birds Boat Trip on the Halifax River as minimal walking options. The boat is handicap accessible.

The Shorebird ID for Casual Birders could be another good option.  That one is usually mostly driving around Black Point Wildlife Drive and stopping at various places to look at shorebirds.  Kevin Karlson is a wonderful communicator and he can make the difficult task of identifying shorebirds easy.  Depending on water levels, the shorebirds just might be hanging out at the Pumphouse Road ponds.  If that’s the case, there will be a lot of walking.  It’s utterly impossible to say at this time where the shorebirds will be.  So, picking the Shorebird ID is taking a risk.

The Betty Salter Trail golf cart tour on Sunday is a hoot.  Tons of Fun.  They may or may not stop and walk on one of the trails during the ride.  If they do and you don’t want to walk, you can hang out and bird wherever they stop.  They will always come back to the golf carts.